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WMI Command-line Tool

WMI Command-line Tool

The Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) is a 

command line, scripting interface.

That simplifies the use of windows management instrumentation (WMI) and system managed through WMI its only windows operating system made by microsoft.

WMIC allows you to :

1. Brows the WMI query their classes and instances, usually by using the aliases

that make WMI more intuitive.  

2. Work with local computer, remote computer or multiple computer by using 

single command.

3. Customize aliases and output formats to suit your need.

4. Create and execute script that based on WMIC.

There are so many use of WMIC command here we give only 5 most useful wmic command and its usage with syntax :

Open the command line interface on your windows machine,

Press and hold CTRL + R and type "cmd" then press enter
its open the cmd mode

No 1 : Get CPU serial number & Model number

type the following command and press enter 

#wmic csproduct get name,identifyingnumber

No 2 : Get Harddisk Details, 

type the following command and press enter 

#wmic diskdrive get model,name,size

No 3 : Get Printer status in windows

type the following command and press enter 

#wmic printer list status

No 4 : Get processor current speed & max speed.

type the following command and press enter 

#wmic cpu get name,currentclockspeed,maxclockspeed

No 5 : Get Memory capacity speed & Memory type

type the following command and press enter 

#wmic memorychip get speed,memorytype,capacity.

If you need any Practical about this wmic tool see this video

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