Saturday, 15 July 2017

List of File Extensions

This page lists the filename extensions, or suffixes, used in the source code.

File Extension                      File Type

.a                          UNIX static library file.

.asm                         Non-UNIX assembler source file

.asp                          Active Server Page.

.awk                         An awk script file.

.bat                          MS-DOS batch file.

.bmp                        Bitmap image file.

.btm                         4NT batch file.

.BTM                         4NT batch file.

.c                              C language file.

.class                        Compiled java source code file.

.cmd                         Compiler command file.   

.CPP                         C++ language file.

.csv                           Comma-separated value file.

.cur                           Cursor image file.
.cxx                           C++ language file.

.db                            Module interface and type descriptions database file (type library).

.def                           Win32 library definition file.

.dlg                           Win32 dialog resource file.

.dll                            Win32 dynamic linked library.

.don                          Contains successful message following the execution of bmp.

.dpc                          Source dependency file containing list of dependencies.

.dpj                           Java source dependency file containing list of dependencies.

.dtd                           Document type definition file.

.dump                       Library symbols file.

.dxp                          Exports definition file.

.exe                          Win32 executable file.

.flt                            Filter file.

.fmt                          Format file.

.font                         Font file.

.fp                            CDE Front Panel file.

.gif                           Graphics Interchange Format file.

.h or .H                    C header file.

.hdb                        Obsolete, formerly used with hedabu tool.

.hdl                         Generated C header or header declaration file.

.hid                         Help ID file.

.hpp                        Generated C++ header or header plus plus file.

.hrc                         An .src include header file.

.html                       Hypertext markup language file.

.hxx                        C++ header file.

.ico                         Icon file.

.idl                          Component interface description (Interface Definition Language).

.ilb                          Intermediate StarOffice interface definition file.

.inc                         Include file.

.inf                         Installation file.

.ini                         Initialization file.

.java                      Java language file.

.jar                        Java classes archive file.

.jnl                         CVS journal file.

.jpg                        Bitmap graphics (Joint Photography Experts Group).

.js                          JavaScript code file.

.jsp                        Java Server Page file.

.kdelnk                KDE1 configuration file.

.l                           Lex source code file.

.lib                        In UNIX systems, a list of objects. In Win32 systems, a collection of objects.

.lin                        Incremental linking file.

.ll                         Lex source code file.

.lng                      File containing string and message definitions for the setup program.

.lnk                       Linker response file.

.lnx                       Linux-specific makefile.

.LOG                    Log file.

.lst                      Project files to be delivered to solver. For example, as in d.lst.

.mac                   Macintosh-specific makefile. This is now obsolete.

.map                   Library map file.

.mk                     dmake makefile.

.mod                  BASIC module file.

.o                       UNIX object file.

.obj                    Win32 object file.

.par                    Script particles file.

.pfa                    Type 3 font file.

.pfb                    Type 1 font file.

.pl or .PL            Perl script

.plc                    Former build script file, now obsolete.

.pld                    Former build script file, now obsolete.

.pm                   Perl module file.

.pmk                 Project makefiles.

.pre                  Preprocessor output from scpcomp.

.PS                  PostScript file.

.ptr                   Mouse pointer file.

.r                      Resource file for Macintosh.

.rc                    dmake recursive makefile or a Win32 resource script file.

.rdb                 Interface and type description database (type library).

.res                 Resource file.

.s or .S           Assembler source file (UNIX).

.sbl                 BASIC file.

.scp                Script source file

.scr                 Windows screen saver executable file.

.sda                Draw application document.

.sdb                Base application document.

.sdc                Calc application document.

.sdd                Impress application document.

.sdg                Storage file for Gallery.

.sdm               Mail message.

.sds                Chart application document.

.sdv                Gallery storage file.

.sdw               Writer application document.

.sdi                 Interface definition file.

.seg                Function ordering instructions for Microsoft linker.

.sel                Writer master document file.

.sh                 Shell script.

.sid                Slot id file.

.smf               Math application formula document.

.sms              Math application formula document template.

.so                 UNIX dynamic shared library

.sob               These files contain information about color palettes and various style elements.

.soc               Color palettes.

.sod               Line styles.

.soe               Arrow styles.

.sog               Gradients.

.soh               Hatches.

.src                Source resource string file.

.srs                Screen resource string file.

.TFM             Tagged Font Metric file.

.thm              Storage file for Gallery.

.TTF              TrueType font file.

.txt                 Language text file.

.unix              UNIX-specific makefile. This is now obsolete.

.urd               From an IDL-generated relational database (Uno Reflection Data).

.url                Uniform Resource Locator file.

.vor               Writer document template.

.w32             Partly native Windows makefile.

.wav             Waveform audio file.

.wmf             Win32 metafile vector graphics file.

.xml              Extensible Markup Language file.

.xpm            X11 pixel map graphics file.

.xrb              XML format file to generate Java properties in language translation.

.y                  Yacc source code file.

.yxx              Bison source code file.

.zip               Zip file.


Monday, 10 July 2017

Google IO 2017 Hightlights

Google I/O 2017 is a major event for all Google watchers It's where the firm reveals what it's been working on in the past year and gives a glimpse at what's to come.

Here's what Google announced at the keynote last night:

AI chips

In December 2016, Google publicly revealed how it was using specially designed 

artificial intelligence chips to improve its translation services in that way. The new unit 

has been designed to be able to handle machine learning training and the firm 

says it is able to deliver 180 teraflops of the performance.

Smart reply in Gmail

All Gmail users are now they can able to use a machine learning system that

reads messages and suggests replies. For example, if a question is asked within 

an email the system will recommend a response. The feature was first launched 

on Google Inbox but has now been expanded. The smart reply system will be 

available in the iOS and the Android Gmail apps.

Google Assistant on iPhone

Google is stepping on Siri's doorstep with its new app for iPhones. Its Google Assistant 

personal AI will be available as an iPhone and iPad app for the first time. 

The Assistant was first announced last year and has only been on Google 

Home, the Google Pixel and a range of other Android phones. As well as this, 

Google said the Assistant will be able to be used in different languages.

Google Home

Visual Responses and providing more control over your favourite entertainment 

by support of more music/video services to your chromecast or TV.

It will also be turned into a hands-free phone with voice calling enabled. These 

Calls will be personalised based on the voice of the person asking. The Home 

device will also be able to push results (such as YouTube videos) to connected 

phones and TVs that have Chromecast devices connected.

Android O

Google announced its upcoming version of the Android operating system. At the 

time, Android O was only in a developer preview. At Google I/O, the company 

announced it would be available to beta testers from today (May 16).

Virtual reality

At I/Oc Google confirmed it was working on wireless, self-contained headsets 

and that they'd be launched in 'late 2017'.

 Google added it is working with both HTC and Lenovo on two headsets but 

that's about all the company has revealed. even pictures of the VR headsets yet.

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