Saturday, 7 October 2017

Types of SEO - Balck Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

 In Search engine optimization (SEO) technology, black hat seo refers to use of 

aggressive SEO strategies, this type of seo only focus on search engine 

(google, yahoo, bing.,) and not a human audience, usually this type of seo does 

not obey search engine guidelines. 

Usage of Black Hat SEO : 

Black hat seo is frequently used by those who are looking quick business 

promotion and quick financial return on their own websites. Black hat seo 

tactics consider being banned from search engines a somewhat irrelevant 

taking risk. 

While you move towards more advanced SEO tricks, there are some that will 

more or less affect your website traffic and spoil your result from the google

search engine result page. Such SEO technology are called Balck Hat SEO

techniques, can be detected by google algorithms, those are developed for the 

sole purpose of removing such sites.

Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid : 

1. Link Exchange 

2. Duplicate Content

3. Buying links

4. Clocking 

5. Keywords stuffing 

6. Hidden text

7. Over optimization

8. Site content Low quality 

Link Exchange

Link exchanges are sure to get you lots of links in lesser time, but this trick will 

not help to improve our ranking on google search page result. and this 

technique is more likely to put your SEO effects to waste for your site.

Duplicate Content :

Duplicating the content to your site and copying some contents from another 

website is one of the worst Black Hat SEO technique, because google search 

engine do not index the original content more than one time.

Keywords Stuffing :

Keyword stuffing technique, considered webspam, in which webpage is loaded 

with keywords in that meta tages or else content of your webpage is an 

attempt  to gain an unfair raking in google search engine. This technique may 

loaded to a website being banned on major search engine either temporarily or


Hidden Text :

Hidden text means, that you have either white text on a white background 

or else black text on a black background in orderto stuff extra keywords on 

your website. so we need avoid these type of technique.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The 3 Different Types of SEO Techniques 

White hat SEO

Black hat SEO

Greyhat SEO

Whitehat SEO :

          This is one of the most popular SEO technique to improve your search 

engine rankings. This SEO refers to the usage of search engine optimization, 

technique and that focus on human audience to search engine completely 

follows search engine rules and policies (Google Algorithm), it is also known as 

Ethical SEO. For example, Whitehat SEO techniques include using keywords and 

keyword analysis also known as keyword optimization, back linking, link 

building and then write your website content for the human readers.

In this technique while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying 

within the search engines terms of service, these are the defined by Google. 

This means that numerous factors have to be taken into consideration and 

optimized such as :

1. Writing some Quality contents 

2. Images and Video 

3. Meta tag Information

4. Site performance (Loading time)

5. Best Inbound link

Writing some Quality contents :

          Write Quality Contents to your website, for example imagine we are the 

end user of that particular website, and we are looking to searching for a car 

for hire, then we move to our favorite search engine about search phrase 

"Brand new car for hire", in this scenario let's assume we having only 2 

websites that particular target phrase. 

Site One :

           Site 1 contains single page with three paragraph of text. That text tells 

us the company does portable with new car hire and gives us a phone number 

to call.

Site Two :

          Site 2 contains 30 plus pages all focusing on various brand new car, and 

they provide, car images okay now which site do you think the search engine is 

likely to offer to user first ?? It’s a rather obvious example but it illustrates the 

importance of good content so your priority should be good quality content.

Images and Video :

           As a general rule of SEO smaller the images (in bytes) the better. 

Larger images will take longer to load and this can impact the user experience 

especially  for users on mobile. As a good practice to use image optimize tool to 

that can reduce image size with out losing quality of am image. before 

uploading the site i also use image optimize tool to reduce image size and then

use image name as a keyword based on your website category. this same rule 

applicable for video optimum also. 

Meta Tag Information :

            There are two meta tag are used to inform search engines of the 

content page. They placed between the <head> tag of the page.

Meta Description this should be used to describe the content of your page 

specification this contains 1 or 2 sentences, 3 at most.

here the example of meta description tag

<meta name=”description” content=”MadeUp restaurant website is the best MadeUp restaurant website, our restaurant is better than any restaurant,great restaurant,best food restaurant,visit our restaurant” />

Meta keywords should be a short list of word that inform of the main focus of 

the page.

Here’s an example of the meta keywords being used in the correct manner,
<meta name=”Keywords” content=”Online marketing, digital marketing, search marketing, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, SEO” />
Create your website with keyword with related category in mind. These 
keywords  you think people might use to find your site, single words are not
most effective target, try multiple phrases that are better to specific to your 
product / service and you will be targeting end users.
Site Performance and Loading Time:
                Website and site page performance these are the another factor to 
considered by search engine to access the sites. The unavailable pages or 
unavailable site (404 ERROR) cannot be indexed by crawlers of search engine, 
and make sure each and every images in your site are compressed format 
then, you need to make sure your sites loads fast and is accessible all the time. 
Best Inbound link : 
              A good site must have quality in bound links are search engines 
regularly access back links for their relevance, if any website contains to have 
many more irrelevant back links it will be discounted by search engines. 
So we need to build site with good quality of inbound links.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing (SEO)

Digital Marketing : 

           Digital marketing is the promotion of products via one or more forms 

of electronic media, its totally different from traditional marketing. Digital 

marketing is an umbrella term of all your online marketing services,

the reality is people spend twice as much time online as they used few years 

ago, the way of people shop and buy has changed, that means offline 

marketing isn't as effective as is used to be by people.

Why Digital marketing is important : 

           From your website itself to your online business like digital advertising, 

email marketing, online purchase, and the best digital marketers have a clear

picture of how each asset supports their overarching goals.

Digital Marketing types : 

1. Email Marketing 

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

3. PPC (Pay Per Click)

4. Online Advertising 

5. Viral Marketing

6. Text Messaging 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

                       Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving 

visibility of a website on organic (its natural or un-paid)  search engine result 

pages.A successful search engine optimization campaign will have as a part of 

improvement, carefully select relevant keyword which the on-page optimization 

will be design to make search engine algorithms.

                      All major search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have 

primary search result, where web pages and other content such as video or local

listing are shown ranked based on what the search engine based consider.

There are two types of SEO such as On-Page SEO, and OFF-Page SEO

Saturday, 15 July 2017

List of File Extensions

This page lists the filename extensions, or suffixes, used in the source code.

File Extension                      File Type

.a                          UNIX static library file.

.asm                         Non-UNIX assembler source file

.asp                          Active Server Page.

.awk                         An awk script file.

.bat                          MS-DOS batch file.

.bmp                        Bitmap image file.

.btm                         4NT batch file.

.BTM                         4NT batch file.

.c                              C language file.

.class                        Compiled java source code file.

.cmd                         Compiler command file.   

.CPP                         C++ language file.

.csv                           Comma-separated value file.

.cur                           Cursor image file.
.cxx                           C++ language file.

.db                            Module interface and type descriptions database file (type library).

.def                           Win32 library definition file.

.dlg                           Win32 dialog resource file.

.dll                            Win32 dynamic linked library.

.don                          Contains successful message following the execution of bmp.

.dpc                          Source dependency file containing list of dependencies.

.dpj                           Java source dependency file containing list of dependencies.

.dtd                           Document type definition file.

.dump                       Library symbols file.

.dxp                          Exports definition file.

.exe                          Win32 executable file.

.flt                            Filter file.

.fmt                          Format file.

.font                         Font file.

.fp                            CDE Front Panel file.

.gif                           Graphics Interchange Format file.

.h or .H                    C header file.

.hdb                        Obsolete, formerly used with hedabu tool.

.hdl                         Generated C header or header declaration file.

.hid                         Help ID file.

.hpp                        Generated C++ header or header plus plus file.

.hrc                         An .src include header file.

.html                       Hypertext markup language file.

.hxx                        C++ header file.

.ico                         Icon file.

.idl                          Component interface description (Interface Definition Language).

.ilb                          Intermediate StarOffice interface definition file.

.inc                         Include file.

.inf                         Installation file.

.ini                         Initialization file.

.java                      Java language file.

.jar                        Java classes archive file.

.jnl                         CVS journal file.

.jpg                        Bitmap graphics (Joint Photography Experts Group).

.js                          JavaScript code file.

.jsp                        Java Server Page file.

.kdelnk                KDE1 configuration file.

.l                           Lex source code file.

.lib                        In UNIX systems, a list of objects. In Win32 systems, a collection of objects.

.lin                        Incremental linking file.

.ll                         Lex source code file.

.lng                      File containing string and message definitions for the setup program.

.lnk                       Linker response file.

.lnx                       Linux-specific makefile.

.LOG                    Log file.

.lst                      Project files to be delivered to solver. For example, as in d.lst.

.mac                   Macintosh-specific makefile. This is now obsolete.

.map                   Library map file.

.mk                     dmake makefile.

.mod                  BASIC module file.

.o                       UNIX object file.

.obj                    Win32 object file.

.par                    Script particles file.

.pfa                    Type 3 font file.

.pfb                    Type 1 font file.

.pl or .PL            Perl script

.plc                    Former build script file, now obsolete.

.pld                    Former build script file, now obsolete.

.pm                   Perl module file.

.pmk                 Project makefiles.

.pre                  Preprocessor output from scpcomp.

.PS                  PostScript file.

.ptr                   Mouse pointer file.

.r                      Resource file for Macintosh.

.rc                    dmake recursive makefile or a Win32 resource script file.

.rdb                 Interface and type description database (type library).

.res                 Resource file.

.s or .S           Assembler source file (UNIX).

.sbl                 BASIC file.

.scp                Script source file

.scr                 Windows screen saver executable file.

.sda                Draw application document.

.sdb                Base application document.

.sdc                Calc application document.

.sdd                Impress application document.

.sdg                Storage file for Gallery.

.sdm               Mail message.

.sds                Chart application document.

.sdv                Gallery storage file.

.sdw               Writer application document.

.sdi                 Interface definition file.

.seg                Function ordering instructions for Microsoft linker.

.sel                Writer master document file.

.sh                 Shell script.

.sid                Slot id file.

.smf               Math application formula document.

.sms              Math application formula document template.

.so                 UNIX dynamic shared library

.sob               These files contain information about color palettes and various style elements.

.soc               Color palettes.

.sod               Line styles.

.soe               Arrow styles.

.sog               Gradients.

.soh               Hatches.

.src                Source resource string file.

.srs                Screen resource string file.

.TFM             Tagged Font Metric file.

.thm              Storage file for Gallery.

.TTF              TrueType font file.

.txt                 Language text file.

.unix              UNIX-specific makefile. This is now obsolete.

.urd               From an IDL-generated relational database (Uno Reflection Data).

.url                Uniform Resource Locator file.

.vor               Writer document template.

.w32             Partly native Windows makefile.

.wav             Waveform audio file.

.wmf             Win32 metafile vector graphics file.

.xml              Extensible Markup Language file.

.xpm            X11 pixel map graphics file.

.xrb              XML format file to generate Java properties in language translation.

.y                  Yacc source code file.

.yxx              Bison source code file.

.zip               Zip file.


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