Wednesday, 21 June 2017

GPS Working Formula

GPS Working Formula?

Today We are going to teach you, how the GPS Works ???

History of GPS :

a. Feasibility studies begun in 1960's 

b. Pentagon appropriates funding in 


c. First Satillite launched in 1978.

d. System Declared fully operational 

in Apr 1995.

How GPS works !

1. Imagine you are somewhere in your town. You are TOTALLY lost. You ask 
someone, “Where am I?” They say, “You are 5 miles from the fire station.”

This is nice, but it really does not help you. You could be anywhere on a circle 5 
miles around the fire station!

2. You ask someone else where you are. They say, “You are 7 miles from the
library.”  If you combine this information with the fire station information, you 
have two circles that cross.

You now know that you must be at one of these two points, if you are 5 miles 
from the fire station and 7 miles from the library. 

3. A third person tells you that you are 4 miles from home.
This circle will only cross the other circles at one point.

You know exactly where you are. The only place all these circles cross is at the 

4. GPS satellites work to the same way to find the location of a plane, ship, car, 
or a person lost in the city.

Thank You !!!

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