Saturday, 2 June 2018

Awesome Whatsapp Update - Group Calling

New Whats-app Update (New)

In Last week whats app announced their latest 6 updates

1. Click to Chat

2. Link Sharing with Facebook

3. Group Audio calls

4. Select All

5. Media Visibility

6. Account info

Click To Chat : 

        This whats app new feature is used to send a message to unknown 

numbers in our mobile phone, This new whatsapp feature will reduce need to

save those unnecessary numbers. 

In short this feature allows you to create a

new link to start a dialog with an unsaved numbers. This is a very useful 

feature for working business professionals.

Link Sharing with Facebook : 

        We all know that whatsapp is owned by Facebook, So their is no 

Surprise that is the new whatsapp feature is introduced. This allows users to 

share a link Instantly with "Send to Whats app" Option. So their is no need to 

access the sharelock option in that drop down menu.

Group Audio Calls :

        Whatsapp introduced that new feature called Group Audio call on whatsapp

they focused group audio call feature along with group video calls. As the result

this feature is expected to evacuated in the coming week. 

As the same suggest this new feature will allow whats app voice to perform at 

the same time with many people.

Select All : 

        This feature for android select all the messages at one single click on 

whtsapp conversation page. There is no need to cite each message and mark

This feature allow you to quickly import all messages at a time, and with the 

help of this select option we can perform delete, import, and send.

Media Visibility :

        This feature found on whatsapp android beta site, provide users with

the power to view or access the available media via whatsapp, and we can 

choose that the whatsapp media whether shows to our phone gallery or not.

Account Info :

        This feature introduced a user can ask for information about his account.

It will generate the report within the there days and you can download those

information within one week.