Saturday, 7 October 2017

Types of SEO - Balck Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

 In Search engine optimization (SEO) technology, black hat seo refers to use of 

aggressive SEO strategies, this type of seo only focus on search engine 

(google, yahoo, bing.,) and not a human audience, usually this type of seo does 

not obey search engine guidelines. 

Usage of Black Hat SEO : 

Black hat seo is frequently used by those who are looking quick business 

promotion and quick financial return on their own websites. Black hat seo 

tactics consider being banned from search engines a somewhat irrelevant 

taking risk. 

While you move towards more advanced SEO tricks, there are some that will 

more or less affect your website traffic and spoil your result from the google

search engine result page. Such SEO technology are called Balck Hat SEO

techniques, can be detected by google algorithms, those are developed for the 

sole purpose of removing such sites.

Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid : 

1. Link Exchange 

2. Duplicate Content

3. Buying links

4. Clocking 

5. Keywords stuffing 

6. Hidden text

7. Over optimization

8. Site content Low quality 

Link Exchange

Link exchanges are sure to get you lots of links in lesser time, but this trick will 

not help to improve our ranking on google search page result. and this 

technique is more likely to put your SEO effects to waste for your site.

Duplicate Content :

Duplicating the content to your site and copying some contents from another 

website is one of the worst Black Hat SEO technique, because google search 

engine do not index the original content more than one time.

Keywords Stuffing :

Keyword stuffing technique, considered webspam, in which webpage is loaded 

with keywords in that meta tages or else content of your webpage is an 

attempt  to gain an unfair raking in google search engine. This technique may 

loaded to a website being banned on major search engine either temporarily or


Hidden Text :

Hidden text means, that you have either white text on a white background 

or else black text on a black background in orderto stuff extra keywords on 

your website. so we need avoid these type of technique.

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